Certified Suppliers

Provide proper raw materials from approved suppliers.

Customer Services

Develop healthy, stable and long lasting relationships with our customers.

Social Responsibility

Be socially responsible on the corporate level towards the environment, at the local countries.

Our activities

Vipro’s activities focus on the industry of commercial livestock production. The company sells the main raw materials (feed, proteins and hygiene products) to aquaculture, poultry, swine and cattle farmers.

Our Vision

To serve our customers excellent quality of raw materials, in order to produce high value and innovative products at the lowest possible cost.


Raw materials an. origin

Feather meal, Poultry meal etc.

Raw materials veg. origin

Corn Gluten meal, Wheat Gluten meal, etc.


ANER C-35, Vitamin E 50, Choline Chloride 60% veg.

Amino acids

L-Lysine Hydrochloride 98,5%, L-Lysine sulphate etc.

Mycotoxin Binders


Raw Material – Inorganics

MCP 22%.

What we Offer

VLVIPRO is a stable organization offering a wide product range. A team of qualified animal nutitionists is available to provide meticulous customer advices and ensure the quality of our feed range.

A major principle remains the need to observe and analyze national and international markets respectively, in order to provide to our clients the best product feed to fit its farm needs. A healthy and innovative feed is truly a benefit for farmers to increase their livestock potential.

Healthy and Innovative Feed

VL VIPRO aims to be a leading figure among businesses dealing with commercial livestock production, by developing a nutritious and safe product feed range for any potential client.

Our clients worldwide